I had an SR where I needed to identify what VMs were using LRO and what VMs were not.

So as it was a rather big environment with a lot of VMs I wrote a little script. And I wanted to share this with you all. You can find the Script on my GitHub

Please Note: This script is not supported by VMware. And running untrusted code on your Hypervisor can have a negative effect.

Now let’s have a look at the output and identify what we are seeing.

  • VM World: This is the World ID of the VM
  • VM Name: This is the Name of the VM
  • Port ID: This is the Port ID on the vSwitch/DVS
  • LRO pkts: This is the number of offloaded packages
  • LRO bytesL This is the number of offloaded bytes
[root@nuc-01a:~] ./get-lro-on-host.sh 
VM World        VM Name                             Port ID     LRO pkts    LRO bytes
2410811         ttrss                              50331665         3265      7605776
2369949         mail-int-only                      50331663           43       136521
2136967         vcsa-01                            50331661       497827   1413740192
2285164         name-01                            50331659         1418      3277464
2285034         name-02                            50331658         1439      3430890
2287140         logs-01                            50331657            0            0
2285174         root-ca                            50331660         1641      3882974
2286725         kali                               50331655      2036548   6062236729
2288418         ca-web                             50331654        18456     40861420

So we can clearly see, that the VM logs-01 is not using any offloading features.