Hi all,

I blogged about it in the past on my other blog, which got eaten by the Internet 😉

So as I already blogged about email notifications in the vCenter Appliance 6.5. But I guess there are still some 6.0 appliances out there.

Here are my old notes, hope they help.

Set the mail server config on the vCenter UI Set the SMTP Server to and the E-Mail Adress to the E-Mail Adress the vCenter should use to send the email.

Configure the Address Translation for the root user

Edit the File /etc/mail/genericstable

# /etc/mail/genericstable
# Author: Werner Fink
# Please send feedback to http://www.suse.de/feedback/
# Description:
#  map outgoing sender addresses from the (unqualified) left hand side
#  to the qualified addresses on the right hand side.  The same types
#  of addresses as for masquerading are looked up, i.e., only header
#  sender addresses unless the allmasquerade and/or masquerade_envelope
#  features are given (/etc/sysconfig/mail -> FROM_HEADER). Qualified addresses
#  must have the domain part in the list of names given by the by the
#  macro GENERICS_DOMAIN (/etc/sysconfig/sendmail -> SENDMAIL_GENERICS_DOMAIN).
# Format:
#user@uqhost        realuser@fqhost
root    webform@vmware.com
Configure the sendmail.cf
Download the sendmail.cf

Please edit the following Lines so the represent the customer enviroment and save it as /etc/sendmail.cf on the vcsa:

# "Smart" relay host (may be null)
# class E: names that should be exposed as from this host, even if we masquerade
# class L: names that should be delivered locally, even if we have a relay
# class M: domains that should be converted to $M
# class N: domains that should not be converted to $M
#CL root
# who I masquerade as (null for no masquerading) (see also $=M)
Cwlocalhost  vcsa.repro.benslab.local

Last but not least: Run the following commands to build the new genericstable and to restart the sendmail service

makemap -r hash /etc/mail/genericstable.db < /etc/mail/genericstable
service sendmail restart