Well as you see the blog has a new layout. And the footer now shows that it is powered by hugo.

Long story short:

If you host your blog on your not supported home lab, at least make sure you have a working backup of the database VM.

Long story long:

A few months ago I thought it would be a good idea to host my blog on my home lab, in my living room. And to be honest it worked great. And I liked the way it worked. the internet would hit a reverse proxy with static caching, so the articles would not be needed to be fetched over my internet connection all the time. The proxy server then had a VPN connection to the internal reverse proxy of the multi-tier vAPP on my Lab.

Well a few weeks ago I needed to use the SSD of my Backup Server running on a RaspberryPi for some thing else, so I formated it and used it for the task at hand, and never returned it to the RPi.

And a few nights ago my database server went belly up, and as my Backup Server was not working, I don’t have a working backup.

Next Steps:

  • Search for an old ghost content export
  • Migrate the blog to hugo
  • Host everything on github
  • Don’t reuse the hardware of your backup server